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  1. Thank you my friend. Very nice looking litter this last time out of Bona Zlatni Stit. I am quite jealous. Take care.

  2. Steve…Nice job! Finally got a few moments to sit down and look at the website! Great job…wishing you and your sars all the best !!

  3. Thank you very much Ally!! Switching to your company was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.

  4. Nice site! Thank you for educating others on this beautiful, ancient, majestic breed. I have an imported 2 yr old Sarplaninac female, called “AVA” nothing compares to the intellect, ambition, loyalty and courage this dog displays. She is both gentle and ruthless, she is our majestic, guardian angel.

  5. My husband just met a person with 2 of these beauties. these particular ones were mixed with Great Pyrennes. We have become quite interested in this breed.
    Would like to inquire as to price, as we have never seen this breed prior.
    Simba and Nala are beautiful creatures.

  6. Just emailed you Stacy! I’m very glad to answer any questions you may have on this breed.

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