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  1. Thank you my friend. Very nice looking litter this last time out of Bona Zlatni Stit. I am quite jealous. Take care.

  2. Steve…Nice job! Finally got a few moments to sit down and look at the website! Great job…wishing you and your sars all the best !!

  3. Thank you very much Ally!! Switching to your company was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.

  4. Nice site! Thank you for educating others on this beautiful, ancient, majestic breed. I have an imported 2 yr old Sarplaninac female, called “AVA” nothing compares to the intellect, ambition, loyalty and courage this dog displays. She is both gentle and ruthless, she is our majestic, guardian angel.

  5. My husband just met a person with 2 of these beauties. these particular ones were mixed with Great Pyrennes. We have become quite interested in this breed.
    Would like to inquire as to price, as we have never seen this breed prior.
    Simba and Nala are beautiful creatures.

  6. Just emailed you Stacy! I’m very glad to answer any questions you may have on this breed.

  7. I just saw these beautiful puppies on Dr Pol. I never knew of their existence before, and I was interested in reading about them and wanted to know if as adults they would mature the way I envisioned they would. Very handsome.

  8. Hi Jacklyn. In my opinion there is nothing more striking and beautiful than a mature Sarplaninac. I’ve tried to accrue pictures of some of the most beautiful ones that I’ve seen both in the U.S. and in Europe. Do check out the ‘Sarplaninac’ link on my page to see these pics as well as read up more about the breed. Thanks for visiting!

  9. Hl Steven l interesting for boy Sarplaninac l lev Windsor On pl send me your Cell phone number th Zeljko.

  10. Thank you my friend. I love this breed very much and will do whatever I can to improve what we have here in the states 😉

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed your description of the sarplaninac. Your words and story gave life to their spirit. We will be adding our first one to our new ranch in April. We also live in Ohio in the Athens area. We will be raising katahdin sheep and look forward to our sarplaninac.

  12. Best of luck to you and your family. You’re adding one of the best livestock guardian breeds in the world to your ranch and I’m confident you won’t regret your decision. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you have any questions or issues which may arise with your dogs and/or sheep.

  13. Thank you so much for your great website , very educational . I will be moving to romania 🇷🇴 in the future and am eager to learn about this
    Special breed of dog .

  14. Best of luck to you David! Eastern Europe is a very beautiful part of the world and I miss being over there a lot. I suggest you look up Ray Dorgello on Facebook when you get over there. He’s a pool of knowledge on livestock guardian dogs and shepherding in Romania.

  15. With their heavy coat, is the summer heat too hot for them? Do they shed off the heavy coat in summer?

  16. Hi Pamela. Sarplaninacs do generally blow their coats twice a year, once being in the spring and the other time being at the end of summer. They are suited for the heat as it can actually get quite warm in the summertime in the Balkans. Their summer coat actually serves as sort of an insulator for them allowing them to be shielded from the sunlight and the most intense parts of the heat so we actually recommend that you do not ever shave your dog. Best thing you can do for them when it’s hot is simply provide them with plenty of water and shade (though they’re also quite partial to AC as well if available 😉). Hope this helps!

  17. Really enjoyed reading your website. You have some wonderful information on here. We are working on a course on livestock guardian dogs at our website and would love to include your site as another source of quality information on a breed that most people don’t really know about, and as a possible person for people to get a livestock guardian dog from if they think the breed may be right for them.

  18. Thanks for the kind words Emily. I checked out your website and it looks very informative. Feel free to share our link and I appreciate your consenting with me on it first.

    Best regards,


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