For Sale


After much thought we have decided to put Titan up for sale. Titan is a fully pedigreed, intact male that we imported from Macedonia as a puppy in 2016. His mother was a Macedonian champion in the show ring and physically he is turning out to have  an excellent conformation with a strikingly beautiful wolf-iron gray coat. My thinking is that he would make a very good breeding prospect for someone however he just doesn’t seem to be hitting it off with our female. He is up to date on all shots. He has been started on sheep but will still need close supervision around sheep or smaller sized farm animals for several more months. He has a very good temperament around people and would make a great pet even if we are unable to get him into another farm home. Please message me under the ‘Contact’ tab if you think you may be interested in Titan.

Price for Titan: $1,500 OBO

IMG_1908image2Simba 6 Nala 9 078

We currently have a male/female pair of Sarplaninacs which have been put up for sale by a past client of ours. Both dogs have excellent temperaments but do NOT have any experience or prior training as livestock guardians so they would be best suited in a pet home. The male is neutered and the female is currently still intact. The current owner has taken good care of them but has been forced to rehome the dogs due to an upcoming move. He would like to keep both dogs together if possible. Please inquire under the ‘Contact’ tab for more information.

       Price for Simba & Nala: Negotiable