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Here at Black Swamp Sarplaninacs we are one of the very few breeders in the Midwestern U.S. of the Sarplaninac. Located in Oregon, Ohio (just outside of Toledo, about 8 miles south of the Michigan border) we have established and built our farm in the Great Black Swamp Region of Northwest Ohio where we have dedicated our lives to this ancient race of livestock guardian dog. The Sarplaninac is native to the Balkan Mountain Region of Europe and is still quite rare in North America.¬† I have always been a strong advocate of the breed primarily because of the incredible working drive, intelligence, and power that it possesses when doing its job of guarding livestock. All of our dogs are imports from overseas (or the prodigy of our original imported line) and we’ve attempted to bring over bloodlines from the best kennels in Eastern Europe. Right now our main priorities are breeding for: Health, temperament, beauty, and working ability and we have sent¬†puppies out from our kennel all over the United States which exemplify this. Please read through the rest of my site if you think you may be interested in the Sarplaninac as a companion or working animal and thanks again for visiting!